Making Sure Your Teen Driver Is a Safe Driver

Aside from getting a good car insurance policy for your teen, you would also need to make sure that your child drives safely. Parents should know however that for high school students, having a driver’s license enables them to move up higher in the food chain i.e. it is an asset when it comes to one’s social life. Since most teens are excited to drive, and to show their friends their new ride, there is a very high possibility that your teen will be driving around town more often than you expect him to. Parents must remember that the more their kids drive, the higher the chances of them getting into accidents. So how do you make sure that your teen becomes a safe driver?

Restricted Driving Privileges

Many parents fail to have a parent-teen driving contract where parents lay down the rules on when their teens can drive or not drive. For example, parents can tell their teen that they are not allowed to drive during the night or during adverse weather conditions. You can also limit where your child can go i.e. being only able to drive to and from school and his part time job – you make the rules.

Don’t Drink And Drive

Tell your child to not drink and drive. In fact, you should prohibit your teen from drinking alcohol. You should put your foot down on this one but make your teen understand that it is for his own good.

Set A Good Example

If you are still teaching your teen how to drive, it is a good idea to set an example. After all, you are his greatest influence and you not abiding by traffic regulations will only make him think that he doesn’t have to as well.

Texting While Driving

Teens love to keep in touch with their friends even if they see them everyday at school. If you are worried that your teen might be texting his friends while driving, you better make sure that he understands how dangerous it is to be doing this.


Remind your teen to use the seatbelt at all times and if he is driving some of his friends home, everyone inside the car should wear seatbelts.

Car insurance Tips

No parent would like to talk about car crashes but this must be done. This means you should tell your child what to do after a car crash i.e. calling 911, calling roadside assistance, and getting his policy details ready. No auto insurance yet? Compare quotes at today!

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