Funny Library Montage

Video supercut of library scenes from popular films and television series, including: Seinfeld, Sesame Street, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, The Golden Girls, No Man of Her Own, The Shawshank Redemption, Philadelphia Story, Philadelphia, Harry and the Hendersons, Party Girl, Ghostbusters, Clean Shaven, Phineas and Ferb, The Music Man, Mr. Bean, Shadow of a Doubt, The Breakfast Club, Only Two Can Play, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, Star Trek: The Animated Series, Twisted Nerve, The Man Who Never Was, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, JAG, The FBI Story, Wings of Desire, Se7en, Harry Potter, With Honors, All the President’s Men, Strike Up the Band. Visit the Greene County Public Library to check out any of these films!
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23 Responses to Funny Library Montage

  1. JustAPrayer

    This is so fantastic I wish I’d thought of it first. :P
    Seriously though. I’d agree with the people who are making reccomendations for a sequel. If I can make a suggestion. Scyfy’s Alice has a great scene where they show people playing chess surrounded by stacks of books. Also Ella Enchanted has a scene in a library, as well as Julie And Celine Go Boating, the first Mummy movie, and Mirror Mask.

    Heh, sorry. Looking for scenes like these in movies is kind of a habit of mine. xD

  2. kathleenfcpl

    what about Foul Play with goldie hawn / chevy chase? Some great chase scenes in the library where she works. There was also a good scene in The Mummy – where all the shelves came crashing down.

  3. BoondyAlBoondy

    I have several playlists of librarian-related clips on my YouTube page … In case you’re looking for ideas ;)

  4. alohakoala

    sequel suggestion(s):library scenes from “a beautiful mind” & also “indiana jones & the crystal skull”(a great chase scene)

  5. jtloudermilk

    If you do a sequel, I’d love to see the library scene from The Mummy (Rachel Weisz reshelves books and knocks over all the shelves in domino effect. Plus, later on, she has a scene where she very proudly proclaims, “I am a librarian!”) Also, the second National Treasure movie has some great library scenes. And I definitely second the entire “Librarian” series of movies with Noah Wylie.

  6. bryangreenland

    This is another one I’m unfamiliar with. Looks like I’ll be using the library a lot this next week. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. cooper281c

    I watched the whole thing anticipating the “Head Over Heels” video. Hope you’ll consider putting it in a sequel.

  8. bryangreenland

    I’ve never heard of this one. I’ll have to request it from the library.

  9. nosajetah

    How is this funny?

  10. bomagosh

    Also — scenes from “Desk Set” — Hepburn/Tracy film where Katherine Hepburn is a reference librarian.

  11. piperbunny

    Definitely some Buffy needed for your sequel :D

  12. bagdadban

    michelle williams in the station agent?

  13. bryangreenland

    Epic sandwich eating. …But really when is Denzel not epic?

  14. bryangreenland

    Great ideas. You all have helped me compile quite the list. A sequel is definitely in order.

  15. ClassicalBookworm

    Epic! Denzel, LOL!

  16. bryangreenland

    Glad this is getting so much mileage. I’ll have to check out the LOC facebook!

  17. bryangreenland

    Desk Set seems to be a popular request. Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out!

  18. dczarnik

    You did a fabulous job! There are so many movies to choose from, what a challenge! Here are some movies with significant library scenes that you might consider for a sequel: City of Angels, Desk Set, The Day after Tomorrow, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Time Traveler’s Wife. Also the “Time Enough at Last” episode of “The Twilight Zone”. Also check for other possibilities.

  19. 143elw

    No scenes from “The Librarian” series of movies? Or all those scenes in “Buffy” with Willow et al. researching monsters? We may need a sequel (yes! yes!) to include more non-classics – there is a large selection to choose from.

  20. MrDickie1939

    Wonderful. All book and library lovers should watch this. I posted it to my Facebook wall and to the wall of the LOC (Library of Congress) group on Facebook.

  21. 042naNotSalmon

    Never knew there was so much dancing in the library. I’ll have to start doing that more. lol.

    Also, if you do plan on making a squeal with more clips, you should check out The Young Poisoner’s Handbook too. Great job!

  22. kryssy82

    National Treasure: Book of Secrets

    Transformers: Revenge of the fallen – library gets bombed by a Decepticon

  23. Watch4

    The guy who made this was my English instructor, he rocks! :D