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Merrill Brink News Reviews and Opinion on Apr 29, 2015: Tips for Registering, Protecting and Defending Trademarks Internationally

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 1 May 2015

Brand and intellectual property protection becomes more importantand more complexthan ever when companies choose to offer their products and services in foreign markets. One of the first steps you may choose to take is to register your trademarks in each country in which you plan to market. This helps to prevent competitors from exploiting your brand for their own gain, and also reduces the chances that other companies will accuse your company of doing the same to them and take legal action against you.

The following sections provide an overview of the steps to take to protect your brands identity and reputation abroad.

1. Research Trademark Law and Existing Trademarks in Each Target Country

Before beginning the registration process, you must first make sure that no other company has already registered your mark (including its permutations and ones similar to it) in your target countries. If such a company exists and its products or services are not related to yours in any way, you should still be able to register your trademark without opposition. If, however, the company is a potential competitor, you may need to use an alternate trademark in the countries where its trademark is registered.

It is also important to determine whether your target countries follow the first-to-file or first-to-use doctrine. The majority of countries incorporate the first-to-file into their trademark laws, meaning the first company to register the trademark can claim it regardless of when they plan to use it. In contrast, some countries, including the United States, follow the first-to-use principle, where a company can claim a trademark if it can prove it was the first to use it publicly.1 Doing your research into these and other aspects of local trademark laws can help you anticipate potential challenges that may arise when registering your companys brand.

2. Register the Trademark

You can begin the registration process after youve researched the trademark requirements and identified any existing trademarks similar to yours in each target country. Depending on your business plans and the target countries in consideration, you may want to register with several countries at once through an existing trademark agreement in which those countries participate. For example, if you conduct business in several European Union (EU) countries, you can register for a Community Trade Mark (CTM) that protects your brand across all EU countries. However, if one EU country rejects your application, which you can submit in any of the EUs 23 official languages, you will not be granted a CTM.2,3

Similarly, through the Madrid System, as administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, you can register your trademark in the 92 participating countries via a single application in English, French, or Spanish. In contrast with the CTM, your trademark will be honored in the countries that approve your application, regardless of which countries reject it.4 If your target country does not participate in the Madrid System or a similar multi-country trademark arrangement or if youd rather focus your intellectual property protection efforts on a single country, you can register your trademark directly with that country by following its trademark office rules. Note, however, that you may be required to translate your application materials into that countrys official language or languages.

3. Maintain, Renew and Defend Your Trademark

Once your trademark application has been approved, make sure you renew the trademark when it expires. The length of time for which a trademark is valid depends on where and how you registered it. CTMs expire 10 years after their registration dates, as do trademarks submitted via the Madrid System.5,6 If you registered with a specific country, find out how long your trademark is valid and plan ahead, because terms vary by country. For example, trademarks registered directly with Canada and Japan are valid for 15 and 10 years, respectively.7,8 As long as your trademark registration remains valid, youre in a position to defend it from others seeking to capitalise on your brands reputation.

Although your legal team should research the trademark laws in place for each target country, its wise to keep these points in mind to ensure a smooth registration process and the effective protection of your trademark abroad. Also, consider retaining the services of a language translations provider with translators who are knowledgeable about the intellectual property laws of your target countries. This will help to guarantee that your registration materials accurately describe your companys claims.


1 Lichun Zhao, How to Use International Registration to Avoid Overseas Trademark Squatting, Lexology, posted March 13, 2013,

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Pittcon 2015 Hits the Big Easy in a Big Way

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) March 31, 2015

Pittcon 2015, the 66th Conference and Exposition for Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, ended on March 12, in New Orleans with an economic impact to the city estimated at $ 21 million as estimated by the New Orleans Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. This global event brought together more than 14,200 conferees and exhibitor personnel. Those who attended Pittcon for the first-time account for 36% of the conferee number. For the third year, the co-location of Food Labs Conference, organized by Innovative Publishing and Food Safety Tech, was held in conjunction with Pittcon.

Global Attendance Remains Strong

Pittcon has always had a strong global presence, and 2015 was no exception with 28% of attendees being from outside the United States; top countries by attendance were Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico and United Kingdom. Attendees include lab managers, scientists, chemists, researchers and professors, from industrial, academic, and government labs. They represent an equally broad number of scientific disciplines including life science, food science, drug discovery, environmental, forensics, nanotechnology, water/wastewater, energy/fuel, agriculture and bioterrorism.


The dynamic exposition floor (575,000 total sq. feet) consisted of 922 exhibitors from 29 countries occupying 1,690 booths displaying the latest innovations in instrumentation and technology used in laboratory science. This year, we welcomed 129 first-time exhibitors. There were three specialized areas on the floor the New Exhibitors, Laboratory Information Management (LIMS) and new this year, was the Food Technology area which centralized products and services typically used by those in food science.

When asked to comment on Pittcon, eight-year exhibitor Craig Chinchilla of Chinchilla Scientific said, Pittcon is a great opportunity for us to visit with dealers that we normally would not be able to travel and meet. We can fit many sales calls into a few days in our booth.

Key decision makers attending the conference account for 74% of the attendees who rely on the exposition to identify or finalize the purchase of laboratory products for their organizations. Exhibitor Sean Jameson from VUV Analytics, Inc, stated, We had overflow foot traffic in our booth for three solid days.

The 2015 sponsors included: Platinum Sponsors Waters Corp. and Shimadzu and Silver Sponsors Chemplex, EMD Millipore, Hamamatsu, Parker, Restek, Spectro and Supelco.

Robust Technical Program Offers Multiple Educational Opportunities

Pittcon offered more than 2,000 technical sessions presented in 78 symposia, 14 awards, 116 oral sessions, 10 workshops and more than 800 posters. Approximately 40% of the presentations focused on life science topics. The Wallace H. Coulter Lecture, presented by Naomi J. Halas, Stanley C. Moore Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University, on Sunday, March 8, was attended to a capacity audience followed by a complimentary mixer.

The 31 Conferee Networking sessions provided a unique opportunity for conferees from around the world to meet in an informal setting to discuss topics of mutual interest. The facilitator-assisted sessions discuss techniques, solutions to challenges and innovative concepts.

The Short Course program offered an opportunity for skill-building training and continuing education for laboratory professionals at an affordable price. Participants have stated that these courses are another factor in selecting Pittcon as the one conference they attend every year. This year, 115 short courses were offered covering a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to, analytical methods in environmental, food and life sciences; nanotechnology; water/wastewater; petroleum and pharmaceuticals. Lab management courses are also a significant part of the program and provide critical insight into the interpretation of the requirements of regulatory aspects, global guidelines, and laboratory standards.

The diverse selections, ranging from beginning to advanced levels, were attended by approximately1,300 participants.

The 2015 Short Course Chairman Kerry Holzworth remarked, Participating in a short course helps laboratory personnel to achieve educational and developmental career goals. He added, The cutting edge techniques and methodologies presented enable attendees to better understand current events and trends.

Employment Bureau

Pittcon provided a free onsite employment service for candidates to review active job openings and for employers to review candidates credentials and resumes. This year, there were 128 employers, 565 positions, 363 candidates and 440 interviews. The number of positions were up 50% and employers up 17% when compared to 2014 statistics.

Science Week

Each year through Science Week, Pittcon offers outreach and support programs for science education in the city that hosts its annual convention. Six hands-on workshops designed for upper elementary school students and middle school students led students through the exciting process of experimentation and discovery. Teacher workshops supported by school equipment grants were available for elementary, middle and high school teachers in the New Orleans area.

In addition to offering the workshops, Pittcon presented approximately $ 50,000 in science equipment grants to schools with educators participating in the teacher workshops. The grants enable the schools to purchase equipment demonstrated in the workshops so teachers can implement the science experiments in their own classrooms, or they can use the grants to purchase other science-related equipment of their choice from select companies.

Mike Randall, a nationally recognized science demonstrator and educator from the University of Wisconsin, Madison presented his educational and highly entertaining lecture demonstration, Wonders of Physics to a crowd of more than 500 high school students.

About Pittcon


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Arnieze Whites new book The Learning Candy Store: Fun with Sight Words is an invaluable sight word training tool for urban youth

(PRWEB) May 02, 2015

Arnieze White, a retiree from the New York State and New York City school system, has completed her new book The Learning Candy Store: Fun with Sight Words: a fun and entertaining exercise book adapted for urban children.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Arnieze Whites Sight Word Activity Book should be viewed as a work of fun for children learning the 220 Dolch Sight Words for pre-primer, primer, first grade, second grade and third grade. The book has been geared towards the urban city child with familiar pictures that will aid in trying to decipher what the sentence is asking for accomplishment and pride.

Readers who wish to experience this engaging tool can purchaseThe Learning Candy Store: Fun with Sight Words at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Page Publishing at 866-315-2708.

About Page Publishing

Page Publishing is a traditional New York based full-service publishing house that handles all of the intricacies involved in publishing its authors books, including distribution in the worlds largest retail outlets and royalty generation. Page Publishing knows that authors need to be free to create – not bogged down with complicated business issues like eBook conversion, establishing wholesale accounts, insurance, shipping, taxes and the like. Its roster of authors can leave behind these tedious, complex and time consuming issues, and focus on their passion: writing and creating. Learn more at

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Unique art form on the side of the Salt Lake City public library

via YouTube Capture.
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Dialogue on Public Libraries: Rising to the Challenge

Watch and share the Dialogue’s inspiring video that highlights the ways in which public libraries are transforming communities through the strategic use of their people, place and platform…
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Annenberg Classrooms Thats Your Right! Honored as Best Gameplay Finalist at Games for Change Festival

(PRWEB) April 20, 2015

This week, Filament Games and Annenberg Classroom are celebrating the nomination of Annenberg Classrooms Thats Your Right! by the Games for Change festival as a finalist in the category of Best Gameplay. Developed by Filament Games for the Annenberg Classroom project at the Annenberg Public Policy Center, Annenberg Classrooms Thats Your Right! is a captivating, single or multiplayer digital card game that challenges players knowledge on the first ten amendments to the US Constitution.

Designed for play in the classroom, students apply Amendment Tokens to real-life scenario cards to win points and take them away from their opponents. Watching a series of videos about individual amendments reveals secret codes and upgrades to the in-game experience that allow students to customize the look of their game.

We are honored that Annenberg Classrooms Thats Your Right! game has been recognized for its effort to educate young people about the rights and protections that are guaranteed in the Constitutions Bill of Rights, said Ellen Iwamoto, the policy centers writer/researcher who oversaw development of the game.

The Games for Change Award winners will be announced April 22 at the 12th annual Games for Change Festival, which celebrates the positive power of digital games. The festival is part of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. The eight finalists were selected by experts in games and social change from among nearly 150 submissions.

The nonprofit organization Games for Change was founded in 2004 to facilitate the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts.

Besides Annenberg Classrooms Thats Your Right! game, the other finalists for Best Gameplay are Never Alone, described as an atmospheric puzzle-platformer created in collaboration with the I

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Succeed Management Solutions, LLC Introduces a Fire Extinguisher Safety Course to Help Organizations Improve Safety and Reduce the Risk of OSHA Fines

(PRWEB) April 28, 2015

Recently, a store in Texas was fined by OSHA for not training employees on fire extinguisher use, as well as other unsafe conditions and situations. The Houston store was given a Serious violation because An educational program was not provided for all employees to familiarize them with the general principles of fire extinguisher use and the hazards involved with incipient stage fire fighting (from OSHAs Notification of Penalty, 4/20/2015).

Fires kill hundreds, and injure thousands, of workers and cost organizations billions of dollars each year. Fires can quickly spread out of control, so addressing the fire immediately and efficiently is vital. With fires as a potential threat in nearly every industry and environment, teaching workers how to use and select the appropriate fire extinguisher can save lives and protect organizations from serious disruption, and even OSHA violations and fines.

Succeed Management Solutions, LLC has released a new Fire Extinguisher Safety training. This training is the newest title in the Succeed Online Training Library. This training educates workers on the three different stages of a fire, the elements needed to start and sustain a fire, and the five different fire classifications and the correct extinguishers to use for each type. It also teaches trainees how to assess a fire, and decide when it is better to evacuate or attempt to extinguish. Lastly, the training addresses the P.A.S.S. technique, which describes how to use a fire extinguisher, and how to establish an emergency action plan.

As with all Succeed courses, this training can be assigned to employees via Training Track, an application that is designed to automate all aspects of an employee training program. Training Track is one of the available applications in Succeeds web-based Risk Management Center. The Risk Management Center also contains other OSHA-required programs, training materials, and integrated software solutions.

About Succeed Management Solutions, LLC

Succeed is the recognized leader in providing web-based Enterprise Risk Management solutions. Thousands of organizations use the Succeed Risk Management Center as a holistic solution to improve their risk management programs, implement web-accessible employee safety training programs, increase efficiencies, and lower the frequency and severity of claims and associated costs.

The Succeed Risk Management Center contains a suite of software applications that help manage claims and OSHA reporting (Incident Track

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Huntsville City Schools Launch New Initiative to Bridge the Word Gap

Boulder, Colo. (PRWEB) March 24, 2015

The Huntsville, Ala., City School District and the LENA Research Foundation have announced an initiative to address the cycle of poverty and improve school readiness by encouraging parents to improve the quantity and quality of language spoken with their children. LENA Start features Smarter Happier Baby parent classes in English and Spanish that employ LENA talk pedometer technology to measure home language. The Huntsville program will kick off in May with two parent centers at different locations and will expand in the fall.

Smarter Happier Baby classes help parents of infants and toddlers (0-30 months) close the talk gap. Research indicates that academic achievement gaps result because underprivileged children tend to experience millions fewer words and conversations than more affluent children during these critical early years, when babies brains are growing to 80% of their adult size. Smarter Happier Baby provides a short series of instructional meetings where parents learn to use the LENA System to monitor the home language environment, and how to increase interactive talk with their children.

Were proud to be the first school district in the nation to offer LENA Start and Smarter Happier Baby to our community, said Dr. Casey Wardynski, Huntsville City Schools superintendent. Over the past three years we have made a substantial investment in Pre-K programs to foster school readiness. We view our new partnership with the LENA Foundation as a vital next step in ensuring new students are ready to learn. By partnering with the LENA Foundation we anticipate that we will be able to increase the frequency and complexity of dialog parents have with children age 0 to 30 months and thereby foster a rich language environment during this critical period of a childs brain development.

The Huntsville initiative marks the second large-scale adoption of the LENA Start model, developed by the LENA Research Foundation through more than two years of piloting with parents. The initial implementation, announced in February, will be by the San Mateo, Calif., County Library. The foundation is discussing additional locations across the country for fall 2015 and spring 2016, with agencies ranging from school districts and public-service organizations to municipal government and health-care providers.

The LENA Start model is laser-focused on simple, practical ways to help parents improve talk with their babies, said Dr. Stephen Hannon, president of the LENA Research Foundation. Focus is extremely important, now more than ever. More than half the children coming into Americas schools today are low income, and the data show that they disproportionately start school under-prepared. Early language is the starting point in turning that around. The Huntsville team understands that, which is why were thrilled that theyre the first school district to use LENA technology and Smarter Happier Baby classes to help their parents help their children.

The patented LENA System records language throughout a childs day, then translates the recording into data that show parents how much theyre talking so they can improve, and how they are progressing. Smarter Happier Baby adds an instructional program consisting of 8 one-hour, motivational parent group sessions, using engaging videos, presentations, and written materials in both English and Spanish. Focused on parent behavior change, the program encourages reading with children, singing with them, and using Talking Tips to increase interactive language throughout the day. Take-home materials include free books for shared reading with children. Graduates of the 8-week sequence return for monthly reinforcement sessions for up to a year.

Developed at a cost of more than $ 40 million contributed by co-founders Terrance and Judith Paul, the LENA System is deployed worldwide in research, clinical uses, and early childhood programs. In creating their own intervention model, LENA factored years of research and experience partnering with interventionists using LENA technologies, in programs like the Thirty Million Words

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Sound Effects Library – Answering Machine Single Beep

Sound Effects Library – Answering Machine Single Beep

from 300 Sound Effects

Price: USD 0.99
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