Flink: Silent Library Christmas Edition

Flink: Silent Library Christmas Edition

The guys play Silent Library with teams this time. Happy Holidays Flink Films 2012
Video Rating: 5 / 5

This mod is in BETA- If you have an issue with it, contact the mod author or read through the comments section. Beginners Guide to Modding Found Here www.youtube.com Nexus- newvegas.nexusmods.com System Impact- Moderate/Heavy NVSE- nvse.silverlock.org
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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27 Responses to Flink: Silent Library Christmas Edition

  1. Baileyjean Meneses

    this makes no sense o.O

  2. ThePmvproductions

    that last part was so just… whats the word I am looking for? WRONG!!!!!!

  3. beastofcurry1234

    the kid with the hat is the biggest pussy there

  4. jcroisdale

    For some reason this will not let me download with nexus mod loader when hit download it give me 3 downloads not through nexus.

  5. OMGFloLego

    Umm . . . After it shows me the message , and after the game is restarted it showes me the message again and wouldn’t let me dirve. Help pls :(

  6. jmganjaman

    same here but only when i try to ride the car and cant find keys in chet sales menu had to kill him and take keys Ą and got same message all the time restarting and restarting….

  7. TheXPGamers

    Hey was supposed to be “He should have the keys” :)

  8. liam gutter

    what do you mean by hey? but im just gonna re-download it and install it to see if it works

  9. demon794

    @thejonathan130 ya but all i see is download on iit i dont see download with mod manager

  10. Majin Buu

    I have it installed, done the drag and drop, launched it from the nvse_loader. it keeps showing up.

  11. TheXPGamers

    The link in the description leads to nexus mod manager and the mod page.

  12. Джеральд Сантьяго

    where can i find the cars ??

  13. thejonathan130

    at fallout new vegas nexus it should be in the top mods of the month or something like that.

  14. demon794

    How do I download this mod?

  15. Acemega234

    There NEEDS to be the highwayman from Fallout 2. Good job.

  16. TheXPGamers

    I mean NVSE lol Do you have New Vegas Script Extender Installed?

  17. TheXPGamers

    Do you have SKSE installed?


    hi could you help me ive installed the mod and everytime i start the game i get the whole enable message and when i click enable and quit when i go back onto my game it comes up again. ive even tried starting a new game help please.

  19. TheXPGamers

    Or just install using the Nexus Mod Manager its a wonderful tool :D

  20. ReadTheNamePeople

    Derp, I mean *XRE Cars mod xDD

  21. TheXPGamers

    I mean description of the video :P 

  22. TheXPGamers

    Link to NVSE is in the comments

  23. grimsaw666

    It says i don’t have NVSE v0.2.0.12, but i cant find that version, and the car is in the gas station but Chet doesn’t sell the keys to it. anybody have a link to this version only?

  24. ReadTheNamePeople

    Nevermind it’s all good I got it working. Did you put the ERE Cars mod file into the Data folder? That’s what I did and it worked.

  25. ReadTheNamePeople

    I’m having that problem too. I have no clue what to do to fix it.

  26. Rieklin

    Does anyone know how to fix the bug where it asks you to enable and quit endlessly. No matter how many times I enable and quit it just keeps telling me to do It again. It seems to work fine too. The tires roll, etc. I just can’t drive. Someone told me to change my files so it isn’t read only but that doesn’t work.

  27. ReadTheNamePeople

    Ohh! Cool! Thank you so much ^^