City Club Presents Doris Kearns Goodwin on Abraham Lincoln

Pulitzer-prize winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin shares riveting details from her latest work, “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln” in this installment of the Great American Writers Series, sponsored by the San Diego Public Library and the City Club of San Diego. Series: “City Club Presents” [1/2006] [Public Affairs] [Show ID: 11371]
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Stevie Ray Vaughan biographer Craig Hopkins discusses his newly-released book Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day by Day, Night After Night His Early Years. Through exhaustive research and interviews with family and colleagues, Hopkins compiled a thorough biography of Vaughn’s complex but short life. Capturing the lightening spirit of Stevie Ray Vaughan in words is not entirely possible but Hopkins succeeds in providing a scholarly attempt to document the life an icon whose legend is eternal. You can learn more about Mr. Hopkins book here –
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31 Responses to City Club Presents Doris Kearns Goodwin on Abraham Lincoln

  1. Joseph565112

    @MrGrevy, I sure do, I would suggest that we talk physics because I prefer the field over history; however, I fear that your vexation would only increase exponentially. The negative connotations associated with historical revisionism center around being unable to come to grips with well known facts about historical leaders, politics, the causes of conflicts, etc., all the while refusing to accept what historical texts and journals have to say.

    You fit the description to a tee.

  2. MrGrevy

    Sure you do. I find your comment funny and ironic. And kinda sad.

  3. Joseph565112

    @MrGrevy, that’s a non-answer. If you actually think anyone with a doctoral degree would write and attempt to publish just that, high school and undergraduate level history facts, then you are completely vexed with respect to academia.

    As for myself, I hold a B.S. in physics and a minor in history from the University of Iowa where I graduated Magna Cum Laude.

  4. MrGrevy

    Not the same as an academic journal. It’s used in high schools. Seriously have you not gone to college? With all of you arrogant bluster I thought you would have had at least a bachelor’s degree. Sounds like you’re a National Honor Society type, filled to the brim with PC nonsense and repeating things you heard a teacher say. My guess is you’re a high school kid with blind, aimless ambition, but you’re overreaching here. Nice try.

  5. Joseph565112

    @MrGrevy, LOL, no professional historian is going to write an article about something that is common knowledge amongst high school students. Just who do you think writes college texts and where do they get their information…?

    Are you a history revisionist, I provide a citation in a standard college level text book yet you tap dance around the facts…?

  6. MrGrevy

    That’s not an academic journal…it’s an AP High School text book. Sounds like you don’t have a degree from an accredited university if you don’t know the difference.

  7. Joseph565112

    @MrGrevy, article? I cited the name and page number of a college text that speaks to the United States’ approved measures for war, including but not limited to the naval blockade which blocked the entry of food and weapons and the export of cotton.

  8. MrGrevy

    What’s the name of that article

  9. Joseph565112

    @MrGrevy, that is ridiculous, I am not trying to make Lincoln out to be any more of a monster for this action than do Clinton’s actions for him or Bush’s, etc., etc. Lincoln’s plan was indeed in part to starve the people out, knowing full well that they could not sustain themselves with home-grown food stuffs, it’s an ancient tactic.

    Kennedy, David M., Lizabeth Cohen, and Thomas A. Bailey. The American Pageant. 14th ed. Vol. 1. Boston, MA.: Wadsworth Publishing, 2008. 487. Print.

  10. MrGrevy

    There is no evidence they were ‘designed in part’ to starve southerners. You’re doing what a lot of southern sympathizers (good lord, of all the causes to support…) do and twisting some things around and tweaking others to make it look like Lincoln was an evil tyrant. Again, asking for sources supporting your SPECIFIC claim. Second chance…here we go.

  11. Joseph565112

    @MrGrevy, one does not need to provide a citation for common knowledge. Honestly, what we are discussing is literally junior high level history. Lincoln’s approved plan and all constituent measures for war, including the Anaconda Plan and his naval blockade, were designed, in part, to starve the Southerners into submission. New York state alone produced more food crops and slaughtered more livestock than did all eleven confederate states. I implore you to revisit your history lessons.

  12. MrGrevy

    Oh brother here we go with the arrogant pseudo academic nonsense. Lincoln starved people…ok, citations? Any peer reviewed journals going to back up that claim? Let’s see you support that one for starters. Stay classy.

  13. Joseph565112

    @MrGrevy, I am a moron? What, were you homeschooled? I only described Lincoln by his actions documented in well known documentaries, like those of Ken Burns, and in public school text books.

    I never gave my personal support for an amendment that would forbid the U.S. Congress from ever interfering with slavery, as Lincoln did on March 4th, 1861.

    Please attend and satisfactorily complete a degree program at an accredited university before responding to me, thanks.

  14. MrGrevy

    She’s a plagiarist. Zero credibility. Next?

  15. MrGrevy

    Stfu racist moron.

  16. bighitter42

    Since you’ve decided to remove the bulk of your comments, I suppose I’ll respond to your last here.

    Pseudo scholar? Sure. I’m not a historian, I majored in finance. What I am is someone who respects freedom.

    Did you manage to read what I told you to? No? Then I suggest you ETADIK.

  17. joe2stones

    If you had any powers of deduction, which you clearly don’t, you would know that on a lap top computer, e is next to r. My mistake was a typo. You didn’t know how to spell Madison’s name. You can’t even spell the name of the guy who wrote the constitution correctly, and you want to claim authority on the document. You have been exposed as a pseudo scholar. And you cannot be serious about Ft Sumter. Lincoln didn’t recognize the confederacy, making your argument just plain stupid. Lol.

  18. bighitter42

    continued…And so let’s assume for a moment(incorrectly) that you’re correct and the states had no right to secede. You still haven’t addressed what made Lincoln “one of the few truly great men in our history.”

    Great men don’t do the things I listed as in my response to that comment.

  19. bighitter42

    First of all, don’t you dare get on your high horse regarding typos Mr. Being It.

    The primary founder you can claim was on your side was Hamilton and to a lesser degree Adams. The notion that Madison was in favor of Lincoln style federal government is beyond absurd.

    Where is Fort Sumter? South Carolina? Say it ain’t so…. So a state has no ability to kick out an occupying army from a foreign government?

    Suggest you read The Virginia Resolutions of 1798, which Madison wrote.

  20. joe2stones

    Lol. A classic feature of neurosis is the use of projection.
    Never heard of “James Maddison” Lol. On the other hand, James MADISON wrote the constitution, a document you clearly have no knowledge of.

  21. joe2stones

    Wow, this is just too easy. Where was the rebellion? Gee, maybe throwing the federal garrison out of Fort Sumter by the use of force? Notice you didn’t respond the the point about habeus corpus.

  22. bighitter42

    continued….I meant to add that it was the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions that Jefferson and Maddison wrote in 1798. One might call them rather important fathers.

    By the way, neurosis doesn’t include projection, delusion, nor hallucination. Get your insults right.

    When are you going to “being” it smart guy?

  23. bighitter42

    Where was the rebellion? The Union invaded southern states, not the other way around.

    The federal government was breaking it’s end of the contract so the states were no longer bound to participate. This principle was in fact written about by the founders…something to the effect just might have been included in the Declaration of Independence. Nevermind the resolutions Jefferson and Madison penned in 1798.

  24. joe2stones

    You project a lot. A characteristic of the neurotic mind. Geez, you think the founders would have mentioned it if a state was allowed to secede from the Union after they ratified the constitution. They must have just overlooked it. Trouble is, putting down an insurrection (aka, rebellion) is listed as a specific power of the Federal government. See article 1 section 8. So is suspending the writ of habeus corpus during a rebellion, see article 1, section 8 once again.

  25. walkerm777

    Great job. Thank you for this look at an awesome person. We miss him. He was the best.

  26. William bennett

    Super Video! I also own both Day By Day Night After Night early and final years books, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Wow what a talent.

  27. cavalrytm

    I heard theres a SRV bootleg being compiled right now thats supposed to be the musical equivalent of a biography. What are your thoughts on that?

  28. Dan Cobb

    Only 10 minutes into this video. Paused it…. Found your book on eBay… bought it. Pressed play.

  29. davidofddesert

    Freakin amazing…Only one other Celeb touched me like this in passing…Read Caught in the Crossfire when it came out and look forward to getting both of your books…I’m touched as well by Stevie’s recovery making his passing that much more painful yet Joyous as well…Have you heard his tape of him speaking at an AA meeting?…Thxs Again the wait for this work is truly worth it and your attention w love shines!!!

  30. AllenCityTV

    Indeed Mr. Hopkins. If anyone is interested in your book they can find the ordering information in the description.

  31. TheCraighopkins

    Just wanted to note that the photos do not show up well in this video. The photos in the book are sharp and colorful.