Books Are My Bag Secret Santa

Here are the other YouTubers involved! Rosianna Halse Rojas Booksandquills …
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25 Responses to Books Are My Bag Secret Santa

  1. Emma R.

    Is it Leena?

  2. AndreaMGC

    Holy crap! I just got the Bone Season for Christmas… never heard of it
    before and now you’re mentioning it. Crazy! 

  3. Teya Khan-Minhas

    OMG!! Carrie, I just saw you singing on TV on the Les Miserables advert:)
    !! Xx

  4. pop8796

    OMG Carrie I just saw your advert!!!!!!!!!!!! You were perf <3

  5. Cindy Giesbrecht

    Do you not have dollar stores in London? For about 8 bucks(which is what 5
    pounds is worth I think..) I usually buy candy but also socks and art
    supplies, maybe some hand lotion or make up…
    I hope you get a good load of books yourself too! That’s exciting!

  6. Karolina kaminska

    fun for louis

  7. azlifah95

    I’ve read wonderstruck! Got the book too. The story itself is nothing
    fantastic but it’s interesting to see how two seemingly different
    characters ultimately found a common interest in each other. 

  8. Freya Viney

    I read wonder struck in grade 5 at school and I read Hugo in grade 3 for
    school. They are both amazing books.

  9. Cara O'Sullivan

    Ahh Carrie you are the queen at book choice!! I’m sure your fine!

  10. Liam Hunt

    im almost ashamed to admit i have an amazon kindle but on the plus side i
    no longer have to pay lots of money to get my very over weight bag onto a

  11. Alyssia Shale

    It was Leena xxx

  12. Emily Oyston

    Who was it?

  13. Qayla Yusri


  14. Cata Pando

    Please Carrie do a bookshelf tour, I want to know which books do you have :) 

  15. Simone Carcer

    omg i just saw your advert! you were awesome :) 

  16. BeckiLiddsX

    When are you gonna upload the unwrapping of your secret Santa presents? :D 

  17. ishouldbestudying

    could you please do a “how i make tea” video? im just really curious! cx

  18. VamptasticVamp

    You remind me of Tatiana Maslany :) 

  19. Ella Boito

    What is the book called with the crayons on the front?

  20. Amypond42

    I’m reading the adventure of Hugo cabaret for school next year

  21. grace abdel-moneim

    i hope shes read les miserables. its deffinetly one of the best books ever

  22. ania harris

    I think 99% of us believe Alex is going to be ur secret Santa if he’s doing


    I’m givin’ books for xmas too. I think it’s such a beautiful thing to

  24. Andrea Shumaker

    I love love love Wonderstruck!!!

  25. Beth Casola

    that wrapping paper you have is so cute!x