Homeostasis: Publius Alcohol Political Cannabinoid Science ~ New on the Bryan William Brickner Blog

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 31, 2014

Prohibition is our history, opened Bryan W. Brickner, and pro-science (empiricism) is our future: the present ~ thats political.

In Homeostasis: Publius Alcohol Political Cannabinoid Science, new on the Bryan William Brickner Blog, four 2014 PubMed articles are highlighted on cannabinoid system (CS) modulation and homeostasis – including one on the de-homeostatic (harmful) effects of chronic alcohol use. The Publius CS update includes: heteromerization, chronic alcohol harms, sensory information salience and stress response attenuation.

Brickner, part of Publius and publisher of The Cannabis Papers: A citizens guide to cannabinoids (2011), noted the science (and politics) of one piece of new research in particular. The PubMed article, Chronic ethanol alters network activity and endocannabinoid signaling in the prefrontal cortex, describes the harms of alcohol use to ones CS.

Showing chronic alcohol use is harmful to the brain, Brickner explained, is not the news here; the news is that alcohol harms the prefrontal cortex of the brain by causing a down-regulation in ones cannabinoid system – in ones cannabinoid signaling.

The research notes the importance of the prefrontal cortex, continued Brickner, its the part of the brain involved in higher order thinking, decision making and our judgment.

Subserve cognitive processes, closed Brickner, thats how the research described the effects of (chronic) alcohol use on the CS.

Brickner has a 1997 political science doctorate from Purdue University and is the author of several political theory books, to include The Promise Keepers: Politics and Promises (1999), Article the first of the Bill of Rights (2006), and The Book of the Is: A book on bridges (2013). The Bryan William Brickner Blog is an ongoing resource for the political science of constitutions and the biological science of receptors.

The Cannabis Papers is available online and for free by download.

Next Homeostasis: Burning Man edition on Saturday, 6 September ~ Publius (Ultralow) THC Political Cannabinoid Science on the Bryan William Brickner Blog.

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WSO2 to Present Webinar Series on Enterprise Integration Strategies for Empowering Businesses to Gain a Competitive Edge

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) August 28, 2014

Achieving a connected business requires high connectivity and effortless compatibility across all offeringswith the flexibility to be quickly customized as different business needs arise. WSO2 will present a webinar series to help IT professionals support todays connected businesses by strengthening their enterprise integration. The five webinars will run September 3 October 1, 2014. To learn more, visit http://wso2.com/landing/enterprise-integration-for-business-success-webinar-series-2014.

September 3: Understanding WSO2 ESB Introduction to ESB Architecture and Message Flow

This webinar will provide an introduction to the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB) architecture, explaining how it serves as the cornerstone of any robust integration solution based on the WSO2 platform. The session also will dive into ESB messaging models, message flow, message sequence, endpoints, and how responses are handled.

Webinar co-presenters Mohamed Shafreen and Buddhima Wijeeweera are both WSO2 software engineers focused on WSO2 ESB development. The one-hour webinar will be held Wednesday, September 3, from 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. PDT. For more information, visit http://wso2.com/library/webinars/2014/09/understanding-wso2-esb-introduction-to-esb-architecture-and-message-flow.

September 10: ESB Connectors for On-Premise and Cloud Integration Solutions

This webinar will review a variety of connectors for WSO2 ESB that allow enterprises to connect and interact with external systems. It will explain how these connectors provide a simplified configuration for accessing exposed APIs both on-premises and in a public cloud. Additionally, the session will demonstrate how to integrate an on-premises component with cloud APIs.

Co-presenting the webinar will be Chanaka Fernando, WSO2 technical lead, and Senduran Balasubramaniyam, WSO2 software engineer, who both work on WSO2 ESB development. The one-hour webinar will be held Wednesday, September 10, from 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. PDT. To learn more, visit http://wso2.com/library/webinars/2014/09/esb-connectors-for-on-premise-and-cloud-integration-solutions.

September 17: Integration Patterns with WSO2 ESB and WSO2 Business Process Server

This webinar will begin by reviewing concepts around stateless orchestration and the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL). It then will examine how to effectively handle long-running stateful orchestration using WSO2 ESB and WSO2 Business Process Server (WSO2 BPS). Additionally, the session will demonstrate a sample integration scenario with WSO2 ESB and WSO2 BPS.

Jointly presenting the webinar will be Kasun Indrasiri, WSO2 software architect, and Ravi Undupitiya, WSO2 senior software engineer, who both focus on WSO2 ESB development. The one-hour webinar will be held Wednesday, September 17, from 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. PDT. To learn more, visit http://wso2.com/library/webinars/2014/09/integration-patterns-with-wso2-esb-and-wso2-bps.

September 24: Understanding JMS Integration Patterns

The Java Message Service (JMS) message-oriented middleware API is the defacto standard for most enterprise application integration scenarios. This webinar will explore how to integrate JMS systems with WSO2 ESB using common messaging patterns, such as point-to-point and publishsubscribe. It also will examine how to implement a message store and forward scenarios using WSO2 ESB. Additionally, the session will discuss how to leverage JMS guaranteed information delivery mechanisms with WSO2 ESB to manage messages in transactional mode and optimize message delivery.

Co-presenting the webinar will be Miyuru Wanninayaka, WSO2 senior technical lead, and Isuru Ranawaka, WSO2 software engineer, who both work on WSO2 ESB. The one-hour webinar will be held Wednesday, September 24, from 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. PDT. For more information, visit http://wso2.com/library/webinars/2014/09/understanding-jms-integration-patterns.

October 1: Integrating with SAP, FIX and HL7

This webinar will examine how the WSO2 ESB supports integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, including SAP, and domain-specific protocols, such as the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) and Health Level 7 (HL7). It also will explain how to install and configure domain-specific transports, a well as transform and manipulate message formats using WSO2 ESB.

Jointly presenting the webinar will be Isuru Udana, WSO2 senior software engineer, and Sandamal Weerasinghe, WSO2 software engineer, who both focus on WSO2 ESB development. The one-hour webinar will be held Wednesday, October 1, from 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. PDT. Visit http://wso2.com/library/webinars/2014/10/integrating-with-sap-fix-and-hl7 to learn more.

About WSO2

WSO2 delivers on the promise of the connected business with the only completely integrated enterprise platform that enables businesses to build, integrate and manage their APIs, applications, and Web services on-premises, in the cloud, and on mobile devices. Leading enterprise customers worldwide rely on WSO2s award-winning 100% open source platform and its robust governance and DevOps functionality for their mission-critical applications. Today, these businesses represent nearly every sector: health, financial, retail, logistics, manufacturing, travel, technology, telecom and more. Visit http://wso2.com to learn more, or check out the WSO2 community on the WSO2 Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Trademarks and registered trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

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Glenn Boreman, UNC Professor and Plasmonics Co-Founder, Elected to SPIE Presidential Chain

SAN DIEGO, California, USA (PRWEB) August 28, 2014

SPIE Fellow Glenn Boreman, Professor and Chairman at the Department of Physics and Optical Science and Director of the Center for Optoelectronics and Optical Communications at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Plasmonics, Inc., has been elected to serve as the 2015 Vice President of SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics.

SPIE 2014 President Philip Stahl announced recent election results at the Annual General Meeting of the Society on 19 August in San Diego, California, USA. Terms begin 1 January 2015.

With his election to Vice President, Boreman joins the SPIE presidential chain and will serve as President-Elect in 2016 and as the societys President in 2017.

Boreman has served on SPIE planning committees, is a long-time instructor of the course Basic Optics for Engineers, has authored numerous publications, and is the author of the SPIE Press book Basic Electro-Optics for Electrical Engineers. He has served on the societys Publications Committee, Symposia Committee, Nominating Committee, and on the SPIE Board of Directors.

Boreman received his bachelors degree in optics from the University of Rochester, and his PhD in optics from the University of Arizona. His research interests include Infrared detectors and systems, infrared antennas and frequency-selective surfaces, image-quality characterization, and modulation transfer function.

Toyohiko Yatagai, Director of the Center for Optical Research and Education, Distinguished Professor, at Utsunomiya University, will serve as the 2015 President.

H. Philip Stahl, Senior Optical Physicist and James Webb Space Telescope Optical Components Lead at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, will serve as the 2015 Immediate Past President of the Society.

Robert Lieberman, president of Lumoptix LLC, will serve as the 2015 President-Elect of the Society.

Gary Spiegel, recently retired as Senior Vice President at Newport Corp., was elected by SPIE members to serve as the 2015 Secretary/Treasurer.

The newly elected Society Directors, who will serve three-year terms for 2015-2017, are:

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- THE MOTH, OMG: Stories of the Sacred

– THE MOTH, OMG: Stories of the Sacred

from LIVE from the NYPL – Audio

View Details about

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Clarify Launches into Public Beta

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 27, 2014

Clarify announces today that their API-accessible media search platform has been released to public beta and is immediately available for all developers. With a free developer key in hand, users can integrate multimedia search into their applications in any common programming language. Clarifys mission is to deliver complex audio and language processing technologies via simple APIs.

According to Ivo Rothschild, Clarifys Co-founder and Head of R&D, Todays launch is the culmination of our efforts to bring speech science to real world applications. Developers now have access to state-of-the-art R&D through a modern REST API.

Nearly 300 companies participated in the private beta, giving feedback while building advanced voice and video applications. According to Scott Barstow, Principal at Bandwidth Labs, Clarify has the potential to provide Bandwidth customers with new, valuable insights that have previously been locked up in proprietary, expensive platforms. We are continuing to work closely with Clarify to fully understand how our customers might take advantage of their technology in the near future.

Clarify Inc. is headquartered in Austin, TX, and is backed by Projector Capital and several prominent California and Texas Angel investors. The technology is based on IP developed by OP3NVoice, an alumnus of TechStars, the Fintech Innovation Lab, and the BBC Media Lab. Clarify is a Capital Factory Incubator company.

Contact: media(at)clarify(dot)io for additional information.

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Alaskan Governor Sean Parnell Recognizes Kabai Family Members Challenges Benefiting the Blind and Visually Impaired of the Blind Judo Foundation

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 27, 2014

You will not meet a more unselfish and giving family than the Kabai Family. They are always looking for ways to bring awareness and benefit of Judo to blind children, young adults and our blind military men and women of the Blind Judo Foundation.

This is not the familys first attempt in making a difference to blind and visually impaired athletes of the Foundation. Approximately six years ago, the patriarch of the family, Imre was scheduled to fly his ultra-light plane from California taking a northern route to the east coast and returning by a southern route back to California. Besides the challenge, he wanted to shed light once again on blind children being introduced and trained in the life empowering sport of Judo under legendary Coach Willy Cahill.

Cahill is the owner of Cahills Judo Academy and Co-Founder of the Blind Judo Foundation. Cahill is not new to enhancing the lives of the blind through the sport of Judo.

Two years ago brothers Peter and Janos rode their bicycles from New York City back to California. There were numerous experiences gained for the long journey. The Arctic Circle to California posed a different and unique set of challenges. Their blog and daily journey can be seen on their website http://gojudoka.com.

At the same time Peter and Janos father, Imre and brother Andras were preparing for what was destined to be a Guinness Book of World Records kayaking from Whitehorse, Canada up the Yukon River through Alaskan wilderness out to the Bering Sea. This trip was fraught with bear attacks and other hardships which can be read on the same website / blog gojudoka.com.

Both trips were promoted to help raise funds to support 10 worthy blind athletes to attend Judo camps. The Governor of Alaska, the Honorable Sean Parnell was contacted for recognition of the Kabai Family Alaskan Challenge promoting Judo to the blind and visually impaired of the Blind Judo Foundation. See the letter from Governor Parnell.

Their funding challenge is still open for those who would like to make a difference in the life of one or more worthy blind athletes to attend Judo camps and tournaments. Check out Razoo.com as all donations are tax-exempt.

About the Foundation:

The Blind Judo Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization whose mission is to empower the blind and visually impaired using the tools and tenets of Judo. The Funding of blind and visually impaired athletes to train, travel domestically and internationally is through tax exempt donations; their financial life-line. To learn more about the Foundation, check out blindjudofoundation.org and at Facebook or contact Ron C. Peck at roncpeck(at)blindjudofoundation(dot)org or 1-425-444-8256.

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Top 13 Books of 2013

Happy (belated) New Year! I hope you guys like this mondays video, its all about my top books of 2013. AND I hope you have a very very happy 2014 :) Contact:…

Let me know if you enjoyed the new format or if you preferred the old way, where I would haul books in sections based on where I bought them. Thanks for watc…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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Software Company Anahata Offers Services To Perths Commercial Food Equipment Industry

Perth, Western Australia (PRWEB) August 23, 2014

Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd has developed over four years to become a major market player in the ICT solutions and consultancy services sector. This privately owned firm is engaged in the creation and installation of customized ICT solutions for industries in Perth and other locations worldwide. Anahata provides quality software and services that are inexpensive and reliable.

The Commercial Food Equipment industry is highly competitive and demanding. Businesses in this sector are faced with delivering quality food on time devoid of any delays or compromises in quality. It is vital to utilize customized ICT solutions for operations to run smoothly. Anahata has ventured into the Commercial Food Equipment Industry to fill the void left by ICT solutions providers that offer expensive software that do not always meet the needs and requirements of clients.

The ICT solutions offered by Anahata ensure that clients are able to realize the targets and objectives without compromising on quality. Conversely, Anahata delivers affordable ICT solutions that are cost-effective and increase revenue.

The firm supplies cross-platform solutions with open source software while adhering to open standards. In this way, Anahata provides a broad spectrum of solutions using Oracle and MYOB technologies. It is also engaged in partnerships with major ICT vendors to supply turnkey solutions like barcode printers, hosting and mobility.

For more information, visit the company website at http://www.anahata-it.com.au.

About Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd

Founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2010 by Pablo Rodriguez Pina, Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian privately owned software development company specializing in the analysis, design, implementation and support of cost-effective, custom built software applications.

Anahatas preferred delivery approach is an iterative, agile, customer centric software development process where business analysts and developers work with the customers to gather requirements and an understanding of the current business processes, and to design and deliver a software solution that not only meets the businesss needs, but also is designed to improve business productivity.

During development, a continuous integration process allows customers to test the application regularly as it is being built. Upon implementation, customers staff are trained on the usage of the new system.

A key target for software developed by Anahata is quality. Quality is achieved by leveraging agile processes and tools, where customers can engage in the development process to define the scope of development iterations, tasks and prioritize goals.

Web based and manual code review processes along with comprehensive unit tests and integration testing ensure that delivered projects meet quality expectations of the customer.

Anahata offers its customers a 3 month warranty and support period where users can have unlimited phone or email consultation. Customers can access an online task and issue management system to log requests for enhancements (RFEs) or report any defects encountered during the testing or production stages. Anahata seeks to be the most customer centric of all Perth software companies.

Anahatas preferred technological choice is to deliver cross-platform solutions based on open standards and open source technology that ensure stability, compatibility, and security over a long application lifespan. This enables a reduction in upfront and ongoing licensing fees.

Anahata is an Oracle Certified Partner and delivers custom software solutions based on Oracle Technology, such as Java, Java Enterprise Edition, MySQL or Oracle Database. The Perth software company is a also certified MYOB developer partner providing Custom Software solutions that can integrate seamlessly with any MYOB software package such as MYOB AccountRight desktop or MYOB AccountRight Live (cloud).

Anahata partners with a number of local companies to deliver integrated turn key solutions including hosting, infrastructure, barcode printing, mobility and RFID scanning amongst other technologies.

As a cross-platform software vendor, Anahata can deliver solutions for the Mac platform and integrate with existing Mac Applications. The Perth software company is experienced in developing Patient Record Management Systems running on the Mac Platform and integrating with medical applications such as Genie.

Anahata is also experienced in embedded device development using cross platform technologies to deliver embedded applications that run on low resources devices such as Intel Atom or ARM processors. These embedded devices can connect to external sensors via CAN, USB, ethernet or similar. An example of embedded development is a mining vehicle activity monitoring application for a local mining company.

Once a project has been delivered, Anahata works with its customers to promote the developed solution or the customers business in general on the digital media providing services such as search engine optimization, content writing or email marketing.

Anahata Technologies in Victoria, Australia

In May 2013, founder and director Pablo Rodriguez Pina appointed Joana Lopez Castrillo as Regional Manager for Victoria and started offering software development and consultancy services to medium and large companies based in Victoria as well as the local Victorian governments and universities.

Anahata Technologies India Pty Ltd

In 2013, director Pablo Rodriguez Pina established the fully owned subsidiary Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd aimed at providing software development and database development services.

In November 2013, Pudattu Vijay Simha, a senior software engineer and employee of Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd was was appointed director of Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd to manage operations in India. Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd is based in the city of Hyderabad state of Andrah Pradesh.

Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd specialises in Oracle Java development and offers software development and custom software development services to companies worldwide.

Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd provides business process outsourcing services to companies worldwide helping a wide range of businesses (from small family owned businesses to universities or global companies) reduce business process costs.

Anahata Technologies in Europe

Since 2013, Anahata Technologies offers services to any country within the European Union and has presence in Spain and Croatia.

In November 2013, founders and directors Pablo Rodriguez Pina appointed Goran Lochert, a Senior Software engineer and employee of the custom software company as Europe Regional Manager to manage projects for customers based in Europe.

For more information about Anahata, visit our website or type or Perth software development companies in your favourite search engine.

Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd And Thermal Building Inspections Pty Ltd

Since 2013, Anahata is the official software developer of Building Inspections Perth company Thermal Building Inspections.

In close collaboration with Thermal Building Inspections staff members, Anahata and Thermal Building Inspections have developed a tailored made Business Management System also known as TBI BMS which allows TBI staff members to quote, book, and produce foto featured reports and Building Integrity certificates within the application.

The system is a cloud based solution developed on Java EE 7 with a desktop (JavaFX 8) frontend deployed via Java Web Start allowing staff members to login either from within TBI office as well as remotely. Via Java Web Start, version upgrades are rolled out in a way transparent to the user.

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New PresenceLearning Resource Focuses on How Blended Learning Can Improve Instruction in the Special Education Classroom

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 12, 2014

PresenceLearning, the leader in online speech therapy and other special education-related services for K-12 students, has launched Getting Smarter About SPED: A Conversation about Blended Learning Decisions and Implications. Based on a webinar featuring Tom Vander Ark, author of Getting Smart: How Digital Learning is Changing the World and CEO of Getting Smart, Maria Carr, Special Education Coordinator at IEM, and Robin Wise, Blended Regions Special Service Manager at K12, this resource explores the landscape and benefits of blended learning in special education.

To download this free resource, visit: http://presencelearning.com/resources/library/getting-smarter-about-blended-learning/.

Blended learning represents a shift in the classroom to online delivery of individualized learning for a portion of the day to make students, teachers and schools more productive. For students with special needs, blended learning can offer increased engagement and emphasis on the individual in IEP; however, there are things that educators and administrators must consider to ensure a successful implementation of this teaching and learning style. In the white paper, the authors discuss the driving forces behind blended learning in special education and the step-by-step process to adopting a blended learning model that considers the needs of students in special education. It additionally provides examples of blended learning models that made special education programs more efficient and effective.

Blended learning has the potential to redefine special education because of its emphasis on individualized learning, but students will not reap the benefits of it unless it is implemented in an effective way, said Vander Ark. This resource provides educators with valuable insight on the topic and details the steps needed to successfully adopt a blended learning model in their schools or districts.

This resource is the latest addition to PresenceLearnings growing library of eBooks, white papers, infographics and other materials that give special education administrators and leaders readily-available expert information on topics affecting special education, as well as insight into how they can better manage challenges and increase student outcomes.

Since 2009, PresenceLearnings online speech therapy services have provided schools with a practical, affordable new option for service delivery: web-based access to a nationwide network of live, highly qualified, fully licensed speech-language pathologists who are available whenever and wherever they are needed. This past year, PresenceLearning added occupational therapy (OT) and online assessments for both speech and OT to their service offering. By partnering with PresenceLearning, school districts can fill staffing gaps related to acute and chronic SLP and OT shortages, reduce high caseloads for onsite personnel, reduce their backlog of assessments, improve student outcomes and become more efficient. PresenceLearning also offers access to technical specialists, as well as culturally and linguistically diverse speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists.

PresenceLearning has delivered nearly half a million live online therapy sessions to students in public school districts, charter schools and virtual schools of all sizes nationwide.

About PresenceLearning

PresenceLearning (http://www.presencelearning.com) is the leading provider of online speech and occupational therapy, online counseling and assessments for K-12 districts and families of children with special needs. PresenceLearnings nationwide network includes hundreds of highly qualified speech language pathologists (SLPs), occupational therapists (OTs) and mental health professionals. Therapy sessions are delivered anytime anywhere via live videoconferencing using the latest in evidence-based practices combined with powerful progress reporting.

Serving thousands of students in public, charter and virtual schools across the U.S. and globally, PresenceLearning has shown that online delivery of special education related services is practical, convenient and highly effective.


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Bad Books – Forest Whitaker

Bad Books – Forest Whitaker

from II

Price: USD 1.29
View Details about Bad Books

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